GP Putnam's Sons/Penguin Books for Young Readers

ISBN 13: 978-0399172748 * Hardcover * 176 pages * Ages 8-12

ISBN 13: 978-0147514905 * Paperback * 192 pages * at bookstores, online, & the Scholastic Reading Club! 

2017  Global Read Aloud Selection for Early Readers 

Read to Them "One School One Book" Selection

2017 Wisconsin State Reading Association "Just One More Page" List

"A fun, fresh frolic." - Publishers Weekly

"An engaging read." - The Horn Book Guide


Fenway is an excitable and endlessly energetic Jack Russell terrier. He lives in the city with Food Lady, Fetch Man, and—of course—his beloved short human and best-friend-in-the-world, Hattie. 

But when his family moves to the suburbs, Fenway faces a world of changes. He's pretty pleased with the huge Dog Park behind his new home, but he's not so happy about the Evil Squirrels that taunt him from the trees, the super-slippery Wicked Floor in the Eating Room, and the changes that have come over Hattie lately. Rather than playing with Fenway, she seems more interested in her new short human friend, Angel, and learning to play baseball. His friends in the Dog Park next door say Hattie is outgrowing him, but that can't be right. And he's going to prove it!

Get a dog's-eye view of the world in this heartwarming, enthusiastic "tail" about two best friends.

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GP Putnam's Sons/Penguin Books for Young Readers

ISBN 13: 978-1101996331 * Hardcover * 176 pages * Ages 8-12

ISBN 13: 978-1101996348 *Paperback* 208 pages ^ Ages 8-12

"It can be difficult to find a book with the same depth and accessibility as Fenway and Hattie, and this new addition to the series does not disappoint!" - Dana Williams, 3rd grade teacher and #BookQuest member

“[A]long with amusing pictures of doggy life punctuated with the “bum-sniffing circle dance” and other interactions with fellow canines, Fenway’s takes on Hattie’s developing relationship with new friends and her progress in learning to take responsibility for her actions provide a rich between-the-lines human plot.”—Booklist


When evil bunnies invade the Dog Park, Fenway’s hot on their trail. Hattie seems understandably alarmed, though she clearly doesn’t appreciate his efforts. She shoos him out of the garden and fills in holes as fast as he can dig them!

Fenway wonders if his beloved Hattie could be working against him, until she brings home a cage with a bunny inside. He can hardly control his excitement - she captured one of the intruders! But when Fenway realizes Hattie actually likes the bunny, he’s crushed. Is his heart big enough to accept that Hattie can love another pet, too?

In this sequel to Fenway and Hattie, these two best buddies learn that making the right choice can be tough, but being a real friend is the greatest choice of all.

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FENWAY AND HATTIE UP TO NEW TRICKS (Putnam) ISBN-13: 978-1524737832

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ By far the best and funniest of the series so far!" - Rachel Harder, 4th grade teacher 

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If you loved meeting Fenway and his best buddy Hattie, and cheered for Fenway against the Evil Bunny Gang, now you can get your paws on Fenway's newest adventure! This time, Hattie's learning magic tricks to impress her nana. But when Fenway gets hurt, she starts playing tricks on HIM. And he begins to wonder if he can still count on his beloved short human.

FENWAY AND HATTIE UP TO NEW TRICKS has all the fun and laughter of the first two books. But this one will tug on your heartstrings just a bit harder.