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FENWAY AND HATTIE IN THE WILD (GP Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers) 

ISBN-13: 978-1984812506 *Hardcover * 192 pages * Ages 8-12 COMING MAY 7, 2019

Leaves are falling from the trees, tons of squirrels are invading Fenway’s Dog Park, and Hattie’s saying a word he hasn’t heard in a Long, Long time—skool. But before Fenway can figure out what to do about all of these worries, another strange thing happens—the family packs the car and drives to the woods. Where wild animals live! And his friends Goldie and Patches say they are going to sleep there!

When more families and dogs arrive and Fenway learns this is a back-to-school tradition, he feels a little better. But threats are all around and it’s not just the wild animals. A bossy short human is making Hattie smell anxious and a tiny Pomeranian won’t let Fenway investigate trouble at the camp site.

Surviving the wild might be as tough as wanting to fit in. Luckily, both Fenway and his beloved Hattie come to realize that being true to themselves is the best way to make real friends.

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