Get ready, everybody! The Evil Bunny Gang is coming!

Fenway and Hattie readers know that Fenway's a dog who never gives up! But what will happen on January 24, 2017 when The Evil Bunny Gang comes along?

We'll have to wait and see! But Mrs. Wake's third graders from Grayslake, IL offered these predictions:

I think that Fenway most hated rivals team up and trick Fenway! I wonder how Fenway can stop them.that is what I think. - Marcos

Fenway just got his Hattie back.I think the next book will be about the bunnies making Fenway loose Hattie again.I think the bunnies are going to make a mess and Hattie is going to think that Fenway did all the mess.I can't wait to read the next book. - Brayan

Fenway has problems in the books, I think his family is going to get a bunny.And it makes Fenway's nightmare! I wonder what is next. - Gabriel

Fenway loves Hattie.I think that they are going on a walk and see a bunny and Hattie loves it and they take it home ,but,the bunny is evil.Fenway gets jealous and tries to get rid of the bunny,but,Hattie gets mad.l can't wait to read the book! - Alina

This is what I think the second book of Fenway and hattey is like.fenway is going to get in trouble.becuaes he is going to mess up the foodlaty and fetchman are going to yell at Fenway.and that is what I think the second book is going to be like. - Lila

Fenway gets into a lot of truble.I think bunnies are going to move into the yard.And  Fenway is going to be Hatie's loyal dog and try to save Hatie from the  bunnies.But instead Fenway is going to make a big mess.I wonder what kind of mess thou.  - Grace

Fenway is always getting into trouble with squirrels. I think that in the next book Fenway will get into trouble with BUNNIES. I think that the bunnies will set up a evil gang to stop Fenway from feeling happy. I think that they will try to stop Fenway from being happy by trying to take Hattie away from him. I can't wait to read the new book! - Mateus

Fenway like's chasing critters like squrls I think in the new book The bunny gang he's going to see a bunny in his yard and chas it and then he's going to see a nother bunny.Then he is going to chase them and run into the tree.Thats what I think thants going to happen in the book. - Evelyn

Fenway is a very crazy dog.I think in the next book Fenway will get into a lot of problems Like the evil bunnies. And chase a lot of things. I can not wait to read the next Fenway and Hattie book!!! - Travis

Fenway likes having fun this time he might be annoyed I think the next book is going to about the bunnies annoying Fenway. He want to make it stop. I can't wait for the next book - Sofia

Fenway gets in a lot of trouble in his house.I think the bunnys are going to get Fenway in a lot of trouble.They might scare him and he might go charging toward him and knock down some jars and get in trouble.And in his dream he might see Haddie holding a bunny and might bark at her.I can't wait to read the next book! - Jane

I loved the first Fenway and Hattie book.I think the next book will be about Fenway's problems with bunnies.I think that Fenway will try to chase the bunnies in the yard. And the bunnies might keep going down and up and all over the yard. So I think Fenway will chase the bunnies down and up and all over the yard and make a big mess all over the yard. And Hattie will probably be very mad at Fenway for making a big mess all over the yard.I am so excited to read the next book!! - Abigail

Fenway is going to chase them and get lost in the world and Hattie will not find him. - Zane

Fenway gets in a lot  of trouble .I think in the next  book Fenway is going to be having a battle. One of the things the bunnies might do is put rotten carrots all over Fenways house . I can't wait till I read the next book. - Monika

Fenway is obsessed with chasing small animals so I think Hattie  will get a pet rabbit . I think Fenway will try to eat the rabbit but keep failing .Also I think in the prosses he will forget about Hattie and sit,stay,down,and come.I can't wait for the next book! - Katie

Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang is available for preorder now at your favorite bookseller. Stay tuned on January 24, 2017 to find out what really happens!