Welcome to My Author Web Site!

I'm so excited to launch my brand-new web site! Thanks for stopping by.

Back in 2011, I imagined a character named Fenway - a Jack Russell Terrier - who moves with his human family from a high rise in the city to a house in the suburbs. After months of thinking and journaling and brainstorming, I wrote the first draft of what would eventually become FENWAY & HATTIE, a novel for kids.

But that was just the beginning. I spent nearly two years completely rewriting the manuscript with outstanding support from generous teachers, writing classmates, and wise fellow writers. And the hard work paid off!

In August 2013, I signed with my incredible super agent, Marietta Zacker of the Nancy Gallt Literary Agency. She sold the story to Putnam/Penguin a few months later!

You can read more about my publishing journey on Theresa Milstein's blog. You can also read my announcement in Publisher's Weekly.

Here I am signing my first publishing contract!

Here I am signing my first publishing contract!

This past summer I had the opportunity to meet Marietta as well as my fabulous editor, Susan Kochan, in New York. I had so many stars in my eyes, I could hardly see straight! I feel unbelievably lucky to have connected with these fabulous and talented ladies who love Fenway as much as I do. 

Here I am with Marietta in the lobby of the Penguin offices.

Here I am with Marietta in the lobby of the Penguin offices.

And now, Fall of 2014, I'm launching my web site! Super huge thanks to the talented and gorgeous Connie Huang (MIT Class of 2015) for her expert design and amazing support. We're hard at work developing the rest of the site, which we hope to launch next Spring.

In the meantime, check back here for the latest news. I look forward to keeping you updated!

Victoria J Coe