Some of the Questions I Get Asked... A LOT!

Q: Do you have a dog?

A: Yes, I have a dog named Kipper. He's an old guy now, and moving rather slow these days. But when he was younger, he gave me the idea of writing from a dog's POV.

Q: What kind of dog is Kipper?

A: Nobody knows what kind of dog Kipper is. He's probably a mixture of many breeds. We like to think of him as "one of a kind."

Q: What kind of dog is Fenway?

A: Fenway is a Jack Russell terrier.

Q: Is Fenway based on your real dog?

A: Not quite! The idea of writing from a dog's point of view came from Kipper's insecurities and I've certainly learned a lot about dogs from Kipper. But to be honest, Fenway's personality is much more like mine than my dog's!

Q: When can I buy FENWAY AND HATTIE?

A: FENWAY AND HATTIE is available in book stores, from on-line retailers, and through the Scholastic Reading Club. You can order the book by following the links on my Books page. My neighborhood bookseller, Henry Bear's Park, always has autographed books in stock and will ship anywhere in the US. Please call 781-646-9400 to place an order.

Q. When will the second FENWAY AND HATTIE book be out?

A. Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang is out now in both hardcover and paperback. Check out the exciting cover reveal and the official book trailer!  

Q: Will there be a third FENWAY AND HATTIE book?

A. Yes! Fenway and Hattie Up to New Tricks is out now! You can pick it up at any bookstore or library, and you can watch the trailer premiere here

Q. What are some of your favorite dog books?

A: My favorite books from a dog's point of view are: RIBSY by Beverly Cleary and BUNNICULA by James Howe. And some of my favorite dog movies are AIR BUD, BOLT, and the timeless classic SNOOPY COME HOME!

Q. If I liked FENWAY AND HATTIE, what other books would I enjoy?

A. There are SO many books to discover and enjoy! But here are a few books that I think will appeal to fans of FENWAY AND HATTIE:  the ALL ABOUT SAM series by Lois Lowry, MR. & MRS. BUNNY: DETECTIVES EXTRAORDINAIRE by Polly Horvath, THE MOUSE & THE MOTORCYCLE by Beverly Cleary, FOURTH GRADE WEIRDO by Martha Freeman, THE CHICKEN DOESN'T SKATE by Gordon Korman, VILONIA BEEBE TAKES CHARGE by Kristin L. Gray, & THE MIDNIGHT WAR OF MATEO MARTINEZ by Robin Yardi. 


A. One School, One Book is an exciting community reading program administered by Read to Them where the whole school reads the same book at the same time. I'm beyond thrilled that FENWAY AND HATTIE is a One School, One Book selection! You can find out more here.

Q. Is it okay to record videos (or audios) of someone reading each chapter of FENWAY AND HATTIE to make available to our community for ONE SCHOOL, ONE BOOK?

A. It's okay as long as you follow my publisher's guidelines. Click the button below for complete information.  

My dog Kipper likes to sit behind my chair while I'm writing.

My dog Kipper likes to sit behind my chair while I'm writing.