Huge secret news!

Teachers, Has your class read FENWAY AND HATTIE?
Do they like surprises?
SECRET surprises?

Fenway and Hattie Cover - Lo Res.jpg

Well, guess what?
I've added a SECRET PAGE to my web site...

...And only readers who figure out the password can enter!

Now, I'd LOVE to tell you what's on the SECRET PAGE,
but then it wouldn't be a SECRET.


So instead... Here are some clues to help your students
guess the password:

  1. It has something to do with what's on the SECRET PAGE
  2. It is located on Page 5 of FENWAY AND HATTIE
  3. It is the last TWO WORDS of the 1st paragraph: "I warned Hattie that her treats were ____ _______."
  4. It is all lower case, with a space between the TWO WORDS
  5. It has no punctuation

What do you think is on the SECRET PAGE?
What do you think the password is?

When you've got it, click the button below,
enter the password, and ENJOY!!!

I'd LOVE to hear how your class liked the surprise! Please email me at and let me know!