Global Read Aloud Week Five Video

I'm excited to share my FIFTH weekly Q&A of the 2017 Global Read Aloud!

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For more information about the Museum of Science, click HERE. For info about the Design Challenge program click HERE. For the MOS's FREE Engineering Units for elementary schools, click HERE. For a complete guide to all the Engineering for Elementary units, click HERE.

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Have you heard the FENWAY AND HATTIE *songs*?!?! Watch & listen to Mr. Griffin & the third graders at St. Thomas More School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada perform songs inspired by Chapter 9 (HERE) and Chapter 14 (HERE).  

To watch my dog Kipper eat a treat, click HERE. For more information about dogs and their cognitive abilities, check out INSIDE OF A DOG (Jr. Readers Edition) by Alexandra Horowitz

For info about my author friend/collaborator, Cheryl Lawton Malone, & her awesome books, click HERE.

NEXT WEEK IS THE LAST WEEK of the 2017 Global Read Aloud! If you'd like to submit a question ONE LAST TIME, please limit your questions to ONE per classroom and post it in the comments section below. Please post by the END OF THE SCHOOL DAY Wednesday, November 8, 2017. Questions posted after that time will be answered in writing as a reply to your comment and will not be included in my FINAL video

Please watch the previous videos to make sure your question has not already been answered. Click HERE to watch the Week Four video. Click HERE for the Week Three video. Click HERE for the Week Two video and click HERE to watch the Week One video.

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First thing next Friday, I'll respond to as many questions as I can... in ten minutes!

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What a fun week! Hope you enjoy the ending of FENWAY AND HATTIE! Please check back next Friday for the final GRA17 Q&A!