NOTE: The Fenway & Hattie books are GONE! But please read on!

NOTE: The 10 Fenway & Hattie & the Evil Bunny Gang books are gone! Huge thanks to all the teachers & librarians who took us up on this offer!


Have you read Donalyn Miller's post on the Nerdy Book Club blog today? She says:

Access to books increases children’s future prospects and has a significant influence on the level of education they will attaintheir productivitytheir health, and their quality of life. Buy the books and give them to the kids. It’s not complicated.

But Donalyn also points out that many kids from book desert communities or low-income families lack access to books over the summer. She poses the question: What can we do about it?

Inspired by Donalyn’s post, we’re committed to act.

We will send a free paperback book to 20 readers who face barriers to getting books in their hands outside of school. For this special offer, we are making available 10 copies of FENWAY AND HATTIE AND THE EVIL BUNNY GANG by Victoria J. Coe and 10 Scholastic BookFair copies of  SMART COOKIE by Elly Swartz. (Please note that the Fenway and Hattie books don’t have to be read in order.)

Click on the book cover to read a description of each book.

This offer is good while supplies last. 

If any of your students lack access to books outside of school,

here’s how you can take us up on our offer:


1)     Think of one student or family from your school who is most in need.

2)     Read the book descriptions of FENWAY AND HATTIE AND THE EVIL BUNNY GANG and SMART COOKIE and consider whether one of them might appeal to your student(s). (Please note that FENWAY AND HATTIE AND THE EVIL BUNNY GANG is suggested for grades 2-5 and SMART COOKIE is suggested for grades 3 - 7.)

3)     Email Victoria for FENWAY or Elly for SMART COOKIE explaining the situation of the student or family and why you think the book would interest them.

4)     Please include your full name, your school, and your mailing address.

5)     We will sign the book and mail to you along with a bookmark and a short encouraging note to your student(s).

6)     If you’d like to include the student’s/students’ first name(s), we will personalize both the book and the note.

7)     After you receive the book, please be thoughtful about delivering it to your student(s) or their guardian/caregiver in the way that both celebrates reading and respects your students and families. You may want to quietly send it home on the last day of school or give it to your student(s) or their guardian or caregiver in another respectful way.

Please note that you can nominate one student or one family from your school. There are a total of 20 books available, 10 of each of the two titles. Offer good while supplies last. US only, please.


Happy reading!